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Terrible Twos
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Everywhere we went today, people praised her on how sweet and well-behaved she was. You made a lot of friends today, Misty! I love seeing you happy 😊
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So my room is right next to the bathroom so it’s normal for people to cross my doorway in the middle of the night to use it. Last night, I slept with my door open cause it was kinda hot. 

In the middle of the night, I woke up to my dog sniffing my hand and then she went back out. I see a young fit dude walking out of the bathroom, checking his phone, stopping to pet my dog. Thinking nothing of it, I went back to sleep. 

It wasn’t until I woke up again an hour later that I realized there’s no young fit dude living in this house. I asked my roommate this morning if her boyfriend stayed the night and she said no. 

So who the fuck did I see? 

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Happy 21st birthday to me 😍🐶
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