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Jeremy Lin in his new uniform for the first time
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I feel like I look like my mom when she was young more and more everyday
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If My Dog Could Talk 
For as long as I can remember, (which is not very long, because I am only 9 months old) I was always hit and kicked for reasons I don’t know why. My owner seemed to always yell at me, but it wasn’t just me. He yelled and hurt my mom and siblings too. 
Then one day, these people in uniforms came and took my mom, my siblings and me away. They locked us up in separate cages with a lot of other barking dogs in cages too. It was dirty, dark and I was all by myself in a cage. I don’t know what was worse, being all by myself, away from my siblings, or being with my old owner, who hit and kicked me all the time. 
Then one day, I saw the guy, who I later learned is my new dad, visit my cage and take me away. Before he lead me away from all the cages, some people put me on an operation table and next thing I know, I was asleep. I woke up and my stomach was hurting; it felt like something cut me really bad, and that something was taken away from me. I felt like a part of me was missing. I don’t want to be hurt like that ever again, and it hurt so bad just to walk.
My new dad took me into his car but I was scared to go in at first, because I didn’t know where I was going to go next. What if my new dad hit me as well? What if he is going to hurt me more? 
We went home and my new mom was waiting for me. She hugged and kissed me right away. She looked at all the scars on my face from where I was hurt by my old owner, kissed them all and said it was going to be okay. 
The first night, I didn’t go anywhere in the house because what if I get hit again? I was too scared to eat, drink or sleep. The next morning, mom found me in the same position as she left me. She replaced the food I didn’t touch yesterday, patted me on the head and laid down next to me. She kept rubbing my head and holding my paw, but it didn’t seem like she was going to hurt me. I licked her and she laughed, so I kept licking her. 
For the whole week, my mom and dad never gave up on me and they gave me everything I needed. I even found out I have a littler sister, who I was scared of at first, but when she started licking my ear, I guess she is okay. 
I started sleeping in mom and dad’s room. The first night I did, they were making strange sounds so I just watched them. It looked like dad was trying to attack mom so I tried to get in between them, but dad pushed me off the bed. Mom laughed and said it was okay, so I just went back to sleep. 
I’m still kind of shy around new people. I would rather hide behind mom because she’s always protecting me. Mom and dad takes me out to new places I’ve never seen before and they let me sniff around and explore. They let me do whatever I want as long as it’s not against the rules or dangerous. But I don’t know what’s against the rules or dangerous, so when I do something bad, they just yell “NO” and I stop. Sheesh, I’m still learning. I just learn to never do it again afterwards. 
I love going for car rides, but mom drives like a crazy woman, and dad drives like a grandpa. I don’t know who’s driving I like better, because there’s no in between. I just like going along for the rides. 
I’m starting to love my little sister now. She is much smaller than me and sometimes, she climbs onto my back and nibbles on my ear. It kinda tickles so I lick her back. One time, she slipped and fell and i rushed to her to make sure she was okay. Turned out, she was. Phew. 
I’m certain mom and dad won’t hit me like my last owner did. Also, they always take me to meet people and the people always tell them how well-behaved I am, and that makes them proud. These scars on my face may never go away, but it doesn’t matter. Mom always says she doesn’t care what I look like, because she and dad are going to love me no matter what.
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